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♥TVXQ! are Yunho and Changmin♥



not only is yunho changmin’s bandmate, he is also changmin’s manager (and wife)

yunho against humanity [insp] // tvxq  changmin


東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~ DVD

LOL Minnie’s Hair
they both look soooo cute ^__^

Credit: money + bambishim

Anonymous said: have you noticed how whenever yunho touched changmin or looks at him like in the vogue shoot changmin usually never looks back or touches him back. he's so submissive lol!


Yes I have noticed :3 And tbh I don’t think that has anything to do with top/bottom or dom/sub dynamics, but rather with their personalities - because deep down, Changmin is essentially a shy person. He’s shy with people he doesn’t know well, shy with his feelings, shy with physical affection. I read in an article once that shy celebrities often overcompensate for their shyness by being assholes, and that rang so true to me at the time, and it rings so true for Changmin. People see him as cold or mean or aggressive (terms like ‘voldemin’ and ‘satan’ spring to mind) but tbh I think these are all things he does and acts he puts up to try and get around the fact that in the end he is an introvert living in an extrovert world. 

Yunho’s the complete opposite. He’s a textbook extrovert, boisterous and loud and social. He’s got no trouble showing his affection for people - particularly for Changmin. He looks at Changmin and everything’s right THERE, you can see it all in his eyes and sometimes I think Changmin just physically can’t look back at him it’s so much. He’s not equipped to deal with that much open affection - so he looks away, shuffles aside, reciprocates in his own awkward, quiet ways.

It’s a fundemental difference in their personalities which is actually really sweet if you think about it, because Yunho’s clearly so fond of Changmin’s shyness (I mean come on the man thinks Changmin’s the cutest being on the planet) and Changmin is clearly envious of Yunho’s social skills and probably wishes he could be more like him.

They’re so cute do they even realise they’re perfect exactly the way they are? Sigh :3